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Shiva Yoga
Featured Artist - Robert Sears
Featured Artist -Paul Grignon


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Shiva Yoga

Touching all chakras, aware and yet detached, breath expands allowing a wider perspective of connectivity to the body, and the spaces between are filled with fluidity like gentle waves reverberating outwards opening to and from our essential core. 

Featured Artist - Robert Sears


Robert Sears is one of today's outstanding masters of modern pointillism. 

A perfectionist, a realist, a fine artist and a craftsman, 
Robert  has refined this technique and made it his own tour de force.  After years of daily homage to this very demanding work, his disciplined practice of painting very small, distinct dots of pure color  applied in patterns to form the image is a testament to his dedication. 

But Robert's mastery goes way beyond technique.

Featured Artist -Paul Grignon

F E A T U R E D   A R T I S T

Paul Grignon 


 I N   H I S  O W N  W O R D S

“I remember I was four years old on the swing in my backyard when I suddenly became awake to myself and my surroundings , all bathed in a pure light.”

“The universe is inherently beautiful, and a sense of beauty is itself a gift from its Creator. Painting is my form of worship, therapy and at-one-ment in this age of manmade destruction.
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