HAND WORKS - Fingerprint & Hand Analysis


Some of the lovely comments I have received! 

A revealing and proactive tool for understanding oneself, moving into change and exploring our business development as a dynamic group.

Wonderful opportunity for us to grow and be inspired and I look forward to more. 

Thanks so much, a wonderful opening session and I look forward to spending more private time with you next week.  

That was amazing,  Janice. I really appreciate your insights for our team work. 

Fascinating time. Thank you. 
Pat, Dave and  the boys

Very insightful and well presented. 

Great sessions. Cool process. Thank you for your soulful insights: VIXENS Group

Interactive and absorbing for all of us. So useful to discover so much about our group dynamics. Hope we can book in again soon:  
Theatre Seven

Such fun!... and I learned so much about my own skills, needs and motivators .

Learning about the fingers and the positions made me think about the complementary talents I might add to my developing team.

The Haven was a great venue for this, the group work was fun and thanks for the amazing visual presentation. Sheila

Wow! You struck many emotional chords. This is transformational stuff !

Unbelievable how you pinpointed the salient issues that have always presented problems. Going forward now with a positive understanding and compassion for my work. 

Surprising how we can see our true selves and potential in our hands! 

Just want you to know that my husband has stopped biting his nails since our reading with you. That is amazing, I am bringing my friends up from Salt Spring Island for the group session next week. 

Great!  Accurate readings too  -Thank you 

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