HAND WORKS - Fingerprint & Hand Analysis
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Art Night at Large
This was fun! I enjoyed 3 hours playing to create a variation of mood using the same canvas and adding a few strokes of colour - Medium:Acrylic on canvas and iPhoto.


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How an artist expresses can be understood to some extent by the style of his/her fingerprints and the position on each finger. Let's examine in this instance one style of just one fingerprint to begin with:

The Tented Arch Fingerprint                                and its glyph.

About Tented Arches
If you possess two or more tented arches on your hands, your inner tendency may be to study life through the  "School of Wisdom".

Charming as  name may seem, it certainly does not mean that you are wise, only that you are interested in learning true wisdom and finding and expressing meaning. Asking questions and using research to seek answers. The pupil in the school of wisdom wants to  know "why?" and has to experience equally the lack of wisdom and the excess of seeking too much wisdom before attaining any form of mastery in this school. This is not necessarily a linear process.  When the tented arch  appears as the lowest ranking prints on a hand they become a life lesson and this will prompt the bearer to progress from asking why .....towards using their life purpose to show them how!

Predominantly featured on the hands of teachers and motivators, the tented arch delivers crested wave style energy - peaks of high intensity enthusiasm often useful in developing initiatives in their art work and in promoting development and change in process. 

 By contrast the "wisdom seeker" is also challenged to temper the issues that arise from over-thinking and "hiding out". Often found in the library researching in isolation, the owners of these prints need to mitigate against  analysis-paralysis  and a potential towards Prufrock-like  procrastination when not feeling ready to jump off the diving board to take up the opportunities that life presents ( and get on with their work!)
The School of Wisdom requires  commitment to both experiential learning and research / study  within many differing disciplines.  This need for wide discovery can paradoxically cause wisdom paralysis as  wisdom is explored from all potential sources.  Research from classical teachings to innovation, from wider involvement in society to personal relationships and onto to isolation, from spiritual study to economics from science and medical research to political debate, the study itself can be intensely attractive as many with tented arch features, have ideals of assimilating all knowledge 

Testing the idea that knowledge for knowledge sake may not be all of wisdom, the pupil may also, after studying in depth, examine the deeply instinctual and experiential aspects of life as another aspect of acquiring deeper wisdom to allow the flow and intuitive use of knowledge.After all this study practical application is the essential requirement but always a challenge.

Change and transformation feature strongly in the school of wisdom and as those with tented arches may seek to promote transformation in self and others.  Rather like the rise and fall of the crested wave or like a tsunami or yet still like a heartbeat, the peaks of transformational development follows the shape of the glyph. 

The lesson indicates this artist should   learn - enthuse- relax- and get off the diving board and apply themselves.


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