HAND WORKS - Fingerprint & Hand Analysis

12 years ago, I began my research into art throughout history, the development of style, its correlation and interaction with science and technology innovations. 
While researching books, periodicals and online resources, from medieval texts through manuscripts and onto early some 20th century medical and scientific publications on the subject of art, hand /brain connectivity, within abstract expressionism,  I focused in on creativity and individual style, its connection  to wider societal programming, onward then to theories of  personal and societal identity.  This was mostly independent learning and prompted much enquiry, reading and investigation.

Referencing further into scientific work, I was intrigued by the amount of development work that had been applied in the scientific study of fingerprints, hand/brain connectivity, and then onto technology and identity. To learn more about fingerprints and individuality, I took an intensive course with  Ronelle Coburn at  International Institute of Hand Analysis   

For those who are interested in transformational development the insights of Hand Analysis offers an  unusual and original development work that assists with creative metaphor and artistic development while also assisting with discover of how an internal process can interact with human development.  

Other references included the study of brain plasticity and our human evolution in response to technology changes: see 

Medical literature and continues to feed further interest into the subject: 

 Now with this  in-depth  study, my artwork and some practice,  I am able to offer potential clients an interesting process to assist in self discovery. 

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